About Us


work hard, play hard!

Born and raised in Western PA,  Valerie Lynne-Pivik Murphy and Scott Murphy were brought up with the strong work ethics and big dreams.  In the late 1990's work brought Scott to Maryland and soon after Valerie followed.  Over the next 20 years, they built a home, a family and a strong desire to eventually return to their roots. And because they believe that everything happens for a reason--after a long and successful career in financial marketing, Valerie took a severance when her company was merged in January of 2017 and began what would be the first step back home...in July of 2017 she started PlayGO co. and subsequently in October 2017, PlayGO co. partnered with Superior Recreational Products, a leading national manufacturer and PLAYCORE® company.  Today, she works with her husband, a long-time, leading salesman of recreational equipment to bring quality products to most of Pennsylvania and Northern Ohio.     

Their passion for PLAY began with their children, who both grew up surrounded by local playgrounds, parks, trails and community fields.  As a working mom of 2, the importance of proximity of PLAY and quality of PLAY was not lost on Valerie.  With a husband in the playground industry, whose success was confounded by the area's mandates on developing and required PLAY space --  it came as a surprise that not all states and counties placed such precedence on PLAY.  With that, a greater passion was born!  

PlayGO co. may be new to this market, but we are NOT new to the industry.  Being in and around recreational construction for the past 20 years (by marriage and career) Valerie and Scott have a vast knowledge of what goes into turning your vision into reality.  From inspiration to design, to management and installation, PlayGO co. is a one-stop shop, with your best interests, budget and safety in mind.  

Valerie Lynne-Pivik Murphy, CFMP
Owner & CEO

Valerie is a Certified Financial Marketing Professional who believes her career in banking serves her customers well in terms of budgeting, financing and creativity.  She holds an undergraduate degree from Penn State University in Integrated Marketing Communications/Public Relations and obtained her Masters of Arts degree from Point Park University in Communications and Journalism.  She's a mom of two very active children, has a passion for PLAY, and all Pittsburgh sports (Steelers, Penguins and even the Pirates!). In her free time, when she's not playing taxi to her sports-obsessed children, she enjoys the outdoors, skiing and relaxing at Raystown Lake with family and friends.
Scott J. Murphy, CPSI
Scott is a Certified Playground Safety Inspector and has been for the last 19 years.  He's successfully sold over $40 million dollars in recreational amenities in and around the DC Metro Area over the past 20 years and is a skilled AutoCAD Designer.  Scott's career in recreational construction began as an installer - so he's literally grown up in the industry from the ground up and understands every aspect of your project from start to finish. He has a customer-centric mentality and he truly cares -- which isn't always seen in business today but that serves our clients well. When Scott isn't working, he enjoys sports, sports and more sports.  Did we say sports? But more than anything, watching his children PLAY sports! And relaxing at the lake with family and friends.  

Taylor M. Murphy, PTMA
Part-Time Marketing Assistant ;)

Taylor has grown up on playgrounds. Her claim to fame is starring as a model for a number of recreational catalogs throughout the years.  Her career goals include taking over her mommy's company some day; but for now, she's happy working pro bono as a product tester, PLAY consultant and marketing assistant.  When she's not PLAYing on a field or skating on a sheet of ice, she's busy at school studying hard so she can grow up and achieve that goal!

Duke Of Greatness (D.O.G.)
Top Dog

Although most days he can be found just lounging around, our four-legged friend brings a much needed PLAYful spirit to our office.  He's a field tester for local dog parks and can chase a tennis ball like no ones business.  When he's not lounging around, he's sniffing out new business for us -- which is walk in the park for him.