Everyone is GOING GAGA over GAGA BALL! 

What is it?

GaGa is a sport for all ages and abilities similar to dodge ball. GaGa translates to "touch-touch" in Hebrew and GaGa Ball is thought to have originated in Israel. GaGa's popularity has continued to rise in the US and is extremely popular at camps, schools and playgrounds everywhere.


How do you play?

GaGa is easy to learn and fun for all, regardless of athletic skill or abilities. An extremely fast-paced game, participants can hardly wait their turn to get back in the pit. GaGa is typically played in an octagonal "pit". All players start the game inside the pit, and the mediator introduces the ball into play. The players' chant GaGa on the first two bounces, and GO on the third, meaning play is "live". The object of the game is to avoid being struck by the ball. All players can strike the ball at any time with an open or closed hand. If the ball hits you below the knee at any time, you're then "out" and must leave the pit. The last player standing is the winner. Games are fast-paced, easy to keep up with and players can't wait to start again.

Our Pits

PlayGO offers three sizes of modular "kits" for indoor or outdoor use. Each kit comes complete with stanchions and borders to create the GaGa Pit. Each "wall" of the pit is constructed of 4' sections of double stacked borders resulting in side panels that are 28" high. The 28" height allows for maximum ball rebound and easy pit entrance and exit by players. Our stanchions can be permanently anchored if desired (not included) and are PVC coated for maximum durability. Additionally, our stanchion design keeps the pit panels raised 4" for easier pit cleaning of debris.


our Pit sizes

size gagapit.jpg

Assembly is easy - check out this video from our manufacturer!

GaGa Ball Pit Assembly Video

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