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Childhood is about More than Having Fun...

It's about exploring the world, challenging growing muscles, and using imagination in new ways. It's proven that children need unstructured play to grown and develop into happy, healthy, and well-adjusted people. That's why at PlayGO co., we help children grow by personalizing play. Are you ready? set? PlayGO!

Thanks to our innovative designs and first-rate playground constructions, our manufacturer, SRP Playgrounds, has placed playgrounds all over the country. Perfect for every setting from schools to churches to residential locations, each outdoor playground features stations that encourage childlike imagination and physical activity. Whether you’re looking for a themed playground structure or a playground for kids from our Adventure or Expedition lines — we’ve got solutions made to help children develop and grow. Think of the ways one of our customized, personalized playgrounds could enhance your setting!

For schools, we offer playgrounds that make recess or after-school fun even more exciting and valuable for students. Whether it’s a preschool playground or a playground for children in elementary school, each child’s playground is specially constructed to enhance a child’s mental, physical and emotional development. For residential settings like community parks or personal backyard play areas, we offer high-end structures that give children a place to safely play in their own neighborhoods. Many families find that just adding a residential outdoor playground to their property helps their kids find more enjoyment outside, while keeping children close and easy to observe. What’s more, the playgrounds we install at churches or other religious organizations give kids the chance to play before or after services, as well as an added benefit to make events and activities outside more enjoyable for the whole family.

Where will you place your play center? The choice is totally up to you! Our playgrounds are designed to be durable and safe — and 95 percent of our playgrounds are built right at our own manufacturing facility. Thanks to the leading team of designers and engineers creating our products, we’re proud to provide some of the finest play structures available on the market. Contact us today to learn more about our play environments and how they could work for your location! We look forward to working with you!

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housing development playgrounds

Sometimes the best place for an outdoor playground is at a residential community — because when you add high-quality playground equipment to your apartment complex or subdivision, you add incredible potential for families and their children to have fun outside right in their own neighborhood!

child development center playground.jpg

child development center playgrounds

Give the kids at your school or community center new ways to learn and develop by adding a strategically designed commercial play environment to your site! In early education and development especially, play is an incredibly important part of how kids grow.

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church & religious organization Playgrounds

Children learn and grow within faith-based organizations and worship centers. This enrichment can be brought outdoors with our extensive collection of outdoor play lines. We offer an extensive collection of church playgrounds to suit a wide range of needs. Adding a playground can help your organization become a valuable resource to the community around you.

school playground.jpg

school playgrounds

From kids in preschool to upper elementary school, all children can benefit from regular time outside — and that’s why playground equipment is so important!

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Parks & Recreation Playgrounds

We are committed to enriching the lives of children and adults at park and recreational facilities just like yours! PlayGO co. can help your park play a critical role in maintaining community and healthy living.

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Zoo, Aquarium, & Museum Playgrounds

The beauty of a zoo, a museum or an aquarium is that it invites kids into the kind of learning and discovery that is fun and engaging. Even as they’re walking through exhibits or staring at animals, children are expanding their understanding of the world. That’s why it only makes sense to create play environments for these important locations that are just as enriching. Our playgrounds are specifically made with their destinations in mind, so you can offer the kind of settings that kids will love.

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