Snug play

play systems powered by a child's imagination.

Now available through PlayGO....a unique, easy to maintain play system that is open ended, for all ages, interactive, inclusive and can be used indoors or out. Perfect for ANYWHERE kids can play -- parks, schools, child care centers, museums, fitness centers, religious facilities, resorts, youth activity centers, physical therapy centers, airports, hospitals...anywhere you want PLAY to happen!

Snug Play motivates kids to do 6 great things:
- Create     - Play     - Move     - Learn     - Cooperate     - Imagine

Because Snug Play is open-ended and moveable, children are inspire to play in more ways than ever before. Snug Play compels children to be more active and more creative than with other types of play equipment. Cooperation and communication are uniquely required as they use their imaginations together. 

Snug Play benefits YOU in these areas:
- No installation     - Use inside or out     - Inclusive     - Easy to handle     - Durable

Snug Play systems have been specifically configured with the ideal ratio of Snug Play elements.  Each system size is based on the amount of space available and the number of children playing at one time.  Once you have purchased a Snug Play system, additional elements can be purchased as needed.  Snug Play comes in groupings of Expert, Advanced, Intermediate, Elementary and Primary Systems. A storage units is also optional for all kits. Ten play Inspiration activity cards are included with every purchase. 


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