Shade is more important than ever and one of our most popular and growing product lines.  Shade structures provide the extra protection both adults and children need. They are permanent installations built to create shade in outdoor locations that are unprotected from the sun, such as playgrounds, pools and other recreation spaces. PlayGO co. offers a variety of shade options, shown below, that can be designed for your unique space and needs and which include the option of our Glide Elbow mechanism -- allowing you to easily take down your shade fabric during inclement weather or the off season.

SHADE options

shade umbrella.jpg


Umbrellas are great additions to any outdoor area. They’re typically seen at resorts, theme parks, restaurants, etc. They’re known for the protection they provide against hazardous UV rays and the style they offer to any outdoor patio space. Our outdoor shade umbrellas are available in surface or in-ground mounting options, with or without the Glide Elbow mechanism.  Some of our umbrellas include the Portable Retractable Umbrella, Hexagon Umbrella, and Hypar Umbrella. Our waterproof umbrellas are great solutions for rain, as they protect furniture from being ruined by water and mold and allow guests to enjoy the outdoors in any weather.

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cantilever shade.jpg


Hip end shade structures provide protection for nearly any application as they are the most versatile shade on the market. No matter if you're shading a playground or park picnic area, hip ends help provide protection from the sun's heat and harmful UV rays. Choose from surface or in-ground mounting and with or without our Glide Elbow mechanism for quick and easy shade fabric install and removal. Hip ends are available in 8', 10', and 12' eave heights and your choice of frame and fabric color. These shade structures are available in a variety of sizes, so contact us to help create the hip end shade perfect for your location!



Shade structures and canopies offer guests a break from the heat, providing both shade and protection from UV rays. SRP Shade offers several styles, including our popular cantilever shades. These structures are ideal for covering bleachers, dugouts, and other places where people gather who may need sun protection. We also offer the Arched, Dugout, and Walkway cantilever shades, which are ideal for walkways, school or carpool loading areas, or even seating areas.

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Sail shades provide unique solutions for shading all spaces, large and small. The design of sail shades is very practical as it can be used in settings that have irregular or specific locations for column placement. It can also be utilized when trying to create an architectural or custom layout for a unique look.



With a wind resistance of up to 85 MPH, our Cabanas feature a brilliant design that is perfect in any residential or commercial application.



Choosing a color for your Shade Structure?  Take a look at our Shade fabric color options by clicking below.

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Glide Elbow Helps Keep Your Shade Fabric Top-Notch. Our revolutionary Glide Elbow mechanism was designed with you in mind. Our Glide Elbow allows you to easily remove the fabric from your shade structure with the use of a simple wrench or a cordless drill. Check out our step-by-step instructional video and download our easy to follow instruction guide.

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